WiFi Tether- Android wifi tether for root users

One of the most useful apps on the market is .  This app turns your android cell phone into an android wifi tether.  In order to use you are required to have root access to your phone, which is an easy process.  After gaining root you will now be able to use your phone as [...]

AppRedeem- make money downloading apps

Still in the mood for getting free money, seemed like a great app to feature next.  Unlike Shopkick, pays you for downloading apps from the android market and then rating them.  Some are free, some are paid, but each will give you points which you can redeem for giftcards, and other prizes.   is fairly [...]

Earn prizes with Shopkick

$2 bestbuy giftcard Earning prizes has never been easier then with .  Gather points by walking into certain stores or scanning specific barcodes, which can be redeemed for gift cards, paypal cash, sony bravia tv’s, and even a cruise.  I don’t know about you, but getting giftcards just for walking into a store sounds good [...]

Create 3d Images with Make It 3D Free

Want a cool way to make a scene 3D ?  is exactly what you’re looking for. Taking two images and stitching them together is the premise behind this entertaining app.  You’ll still need those funky blue and red glasses to see the effect though! You can find Make it 3D Free in the android market posted [...]

Control Your Volume with Fine Volume Control for android

is an application recently released into the android market that gives users more control over their phone’s volumes.  , the developers of the app, has introduced a way to raise the volume in smaller increments then normal allowing for more choices as far as volume goes.  The full app costs $2.00, features several different colors [...]

[closed] Win a copy of Reddit is fun + Widgets

Today androidhints.info is offering the chance to win a free copy of .  Reddit is fun is in my opinion the number one reddit app available for android.  Browse all of reddit in one app.  In this pro version, users get access to a library of widgets.  Thanks to the developer we have several copies [...]

[app] Ghosttown

Over the last couple days I have been trying out a new app called Ghosttown.  Developed by Ghosttown Music, this app uses youtube to play almost any song.  It doesn’t play the videos, just the music so it’s pretty quick with buffering.  This app is comparable to pandora, it just offers more control over what [...]

[closed] win a copy of extended controls!

That’s right we’re giving away copies of the app .  The developer was nice enough to sponsor this promotion. Enter either by or commenting this post with your favorite feature(s) of the app.  Two entries per person. Entries will be accepted for 24 hours, after which a winner will be randomly selected. Be sure to [...]

[app] Extended Controls

One thing android doesn’t come with is a good widget for controlling settings.  That’s where comes in.  is a popular app featuring fully customizable settings widgets.  Whether it’s enabling 4G Data, disabling autosync, or toggling just about any other system setting, offers a widget for it.  What I appreciate most about is just how much [...]


Android phones are now able to run greasemonkey scripts thanks to .  Greasemonkey is a webbrowser add on that allows users to make on the fly changes to HTML web pages.  Tampermonkey, free in the android market, fully supports greasemonkey scripts on android phones.  Users will now have access to thousands of premade scripts at [...]