Google Wallet: The New Credit Card

Google Wallet is a hot new featured application for the Android. Have you tried it? The technology available through the Google Wallet is quite impressive and has Android lovers giving two thumbs up. This is a unique application that allows your phone to act as your credit card. There is really nothing on the market like it and has critiques quite impressed. This means that you do not physically have to get your credit card out of your wallet and scan it when you purchase something. Instead, your new Android application is smart enough to do the work for you.

Fear is probably running through your mind as you read about the Google Wallet app for Android phones. However, you should not fear because the same people that brought you such a brilliant application have also brought you security. The application is designed to keep your information safe from hackers. This means someone cannot just walk by and obtain your credit card information. When your Android is not in use that means the screen goes black and, therefore, people cannot steal your information in that respect. You also must enter a number password in order for your application to work as a “credit card.” You should still protect this information as you would any other sensitive credit card information.
Yes, the Google Wallet is one in a kind and people may look at you like you are a little advanced. However, this is just the new beginning for an application that will change the way the financial world works. You have to shop at places that have an available reader for the Android application. This shouldn’t be too hard because it uses the same scanner that some credit cards do. But with this application you do not risk leaving your credit card behind because it’s so tiny.
Although the Google Wallet was built for the Android, you may not be able to download it on all android phones. The application is limited to certain phones produced by certain companies. Sprint and the Google Wallet will continue to work together to make this application a smashing hit. Because it is in its early development stages, prepare for more upgrades as time goes on. You are bound to run into some glitches with the Google Wallet but that is expected for something so new to the application market. Keep an eye out for its availability near you!
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